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Support To the Farmer

Himalayan Alpine Herbal and Agriculture Farm is established and run by a long years experienced local Himalayan farmers of Nepal.This company and all the agricultural projects are designed and operated by our own knowledge,concept and the training we gained during our many years efforts and practice.At the beginning we failed many times but never gave up, everything is difficult before they become easy fortunately we have crossed almost all the difficult situation after many years struggle now.Nepal is one of the most beautiful country in the world and it is very rich country in terms of its biodiversity, natural resources and culture but the people of this country are poorest in the world because of lack of knowledge and education to use the locally available resources in appropriate way.Himalayan Alpine Herbal and Agriculture Farm is encouraging the local farmers to cultivate theirs barren land with high value medicinal herbs and organic based products without using pesticide  and chemical fertilizer helping them to find the market with better price.We organize workshop and provide different skills to the house wives of farmers as a women empowerment program specially remote rural villages of hill and Himalayan region of Nepal.After many years hard work and investment now we can provide the plants, seeds, and the necessary agricultural irrigation and land development equipment to the poor farmers who do not get the government support  at free of cost with transportation services.

How you can support us ?

Himalayan Alpine Herbal and Agriculture Farm is established and run by the concept and ideas of the local farmers with our own investments  there are not Government/nongovernmental and private/ public institution’s financial support,If you are interested to be a contributor of our organization as a partner/promoter you can support to our organization with following way and ideas.


  • Participating on our fixed departure charity trek organized by Himalayan Alpine Herbal and Agriculture Farm.
  • Organizing yours own charity trek /tour with us.
  • Supporting to the local agriculture projects run by Himalayan Alpine Herbal and Agriculture farm in the remote Himalayan region of Nepal.
  • Funding women empowerment, educational and sanitation campaign  program.

Why Charity Trek with Us?

  • We employ local people and buy locally grown agricultural products during the trek.
  • We contribute 20% of the profit from the charity trek direct to the women empowerment and sanitation project.
  • We never use firewood for cooking and heating purpose during the trek.
  • We provide kerosene oil with iron cooking stove to the porters.
  • We clean natural water source and camp site properly when we leave.
  • We respect local people culture and religious.
  • Our Trekking Guide, Cook team and porters are provided medical services and equipment with higher wages.
  • We encourage the children going to school providing them books educational material and school uniform.
  • We stay at the local farm site and consume locally grown vegetable, fruits and food during the agriculture trek which benefit the local farmer directly.