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Social Sustainability

Social Sustainability is generally understood as methods and practices of social development keeping harmony with nature, environment and living beings for long-lasting periods. The long-lasting developed society that lives to keep in harmony with Mother Nature is the true need of today’s modern day civilization. Though people don’t take the Social Sustainability seriously but in real fact the term Social Sustainability deals with various factors of society like community development, social equity, social justice, cultural suitability, social responsibility, labor rights, human rights, social capital, health equity, livability, gender equity and other aspects related to civilization, nature, and development. Himalayan Alpine Herbal and Agriculture Farm has the strategy that states that Social Sustainability is a big domain covering the other vital domains like economy, politics, ecology, and culture and a sustainable society keeps harmony between all other domains. The Social Sustainability is directly related to human involvements with the environment, society, economy, ecology, politics, and development.

The Himalayan Alpine Herbal and Agriculture Farm encourage the society to adopt the social responsibility activities like environment protection, consumer protection, human rights, and natural resources. Responsible social investing is the strategy of Himalayan Alpine Herbal and Agriculture Farm that minimizes and eradicates the harms caused by the company and unsocial activities caused by the company’s products. The Himalayan Alpine Herbal and Agriculture Farm is fulfilling its social responsibility by working in the sectors of community investing, advocacy of shareholder, investigating on the impact of company’s products and other aspects of social responsibility.

// Script by Sarmad Gardezi