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Sanitation (Health Camp)

Sanitation is the hygienic method for administration of a healthy environment for the proper management of wastages and garbage along with secured dumping of manure, sewers, and wastewaters. The absence of sanitation leads to dangers in health and environment that can be either physical, microbiological, organic or chemical residues leading to various types of disease. The absence of a proper sanitation system leads to spreading to diseases, industrial wastages, agricultural wastages, sewers, polluted water-spots, and other environmental degradation.

The proper sanitary system of Himalayan Alpine Herbal and Agriculture Farm involves utilization of engineering methods of sanitation like sterile sewers, sewage management, surface spillover administration, manure, garbage and waste administration like establishing latrines, toilets, septic tanks e.t.c along with proper sanitary behaviors like washing of hands and feet with soaps, using boiled water, sterile utensils, establishing garbage disposal utilities, and other human cleanliness practices.

The proper sanitation management training by Himalayan Alpine Herbal and Agriculture Farm to individuals involves a fundamental approach on cleanliness, engineering establishments for wastage disposal, the establishment of toilets, septic tanks, wastewater treatment plant etc. The proper disposal and termination of garbage and wastage is the most important thing to consider in general sanitation management. The main objective of sanitation management is to ensure that humans and the environment are both living in the protected, clean and well-sanitized environment.

A health camp by Himalayan Alpine Herbal and Agriculture Farm is a dedicated communal medical service activity to amplify the viability of medicinal services in the remote and rural sectors. In a general sense, a health camp is a mobile hospital who goes to the homes of remote sectors for medical services targeting to those who are out of reach from proper medical services. Health camp is an effective way to reach the unreached regions with the medical services and institutions generally run by hospitals and medical research center to ensuring the healthy well-being of that region. The health camp is a serious medical activity that is run with the involvement of the general public along with medical professionals with the scope of feedbacks and communication with the participants.