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Wild Honey

Price: $100 per liter

Himalayan Alpine Herbal and Agriculture Farm is a government authorized company to collect the wild honey in Nepal. The farmers of Himalayan Alpine Herbal and Agriculture Farm let the beehive and bees to live in their natural state and the honey is extracted in traditional ways of collecting wild honey. The farmers take the wild beehive from their natural settlements and extract honey from it’s by removing wax and other fragments. Finally, wild honey is filtered to purify it and separate it from other contents of wild nature for human usage.

Wild honey is farmed on farming lands and fields where beehives are found in the natural state in trees, rocks or other natural establishments. Honey is an alternative for people with sugar diseases and for those who have health issues with sugar and sweet foods. Honey is used as medicine since the ancient days and usage of honey as a medicine is found in folk myths. Honey is used by ancient Greeks, Egyptians, Asian Ayurveda, and traditional Chinese medicine for the treatment of a cough, common cold, gastric diseases, ulcers, wounds, burns, and other medical purposes. Honey is considered as a homemade remedy where taking honey and lemon together is a healthy diet. Honey is a recommended solution for coughs and sore throats. Himalayan Alpine Herbal and Agriculture Farm is Nepal’s national authorized collecting and Herbal and Agricultural products exporter company of Nepal.