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Shiitake Mushrooms

Shitake mushroom

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The shiitake mushroom is a human consumable mushroom species found in eastern Asian regions. This mushroom is also used as medicinal herbs and used in standard medicines. The name Shitake Mushroom or Shiitake Mushroom is driven from Japanese language giving the meaning of mushroom grown in the dead wooden logs. This mushroom species is known by other names as oakwood mushroom, dim mushroom, sawtooth oak mushroom, dull woodlands mushroom, and splendid oak mushroom e.t.c due to its nature to grow in dead wooden logs. The Shiitake mushroom is found in the deciduous trees, oak tree, chestnut trees, maple trees, beech trees, sweetgum trees, ironwood trees, hornbeam trees, and mulberry trees e.t.c. In old days this mushroom was grown naturally in the forest by nature itself but today this mushroom is cultivated in farming lands all over the world due to its edible nature and medicinal benefits. Either in traditional or in the modern day these mushroom are grown in their indigenous nature of growing in hardwood logs.  This mushroom is used in miso soup in Japan and as accompanied in various stewed dishes and steamed dishes around the world. There are a various version of shiitake mushroom is found in the world which is named as winter mushroom and sprout mushroom. Today the large consumers of shiitake mushroom are Russia, Japan, China, Korea, and other western countries. The shiitake mushroom is full of vitamin supplements, ergosterol along with other medical benefits.