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Satuwa Nursery


Price: $00

Satuwa is a fancy plant for greenery enclosures and houses for design reason. Close to that Satuwa is considered as the wild herb in therapeutic science which is cultivated in Himalayan Alpine Herbal and Agriculture Farm. The Satuwa nursery is intended to develop the Satuwa plant as a trained homestead and disperse the Satuwa rhizome or child Satuwa in a little plastic pack of mud and sprouted Satuwa plant which individuals can exchange their territory or patio nurseries. The seeds of Satuwa can’t sprout in the research facility and it is developed in full common condition. The development and preservation of Satuwa plant are advanced by the legislature alongside normal establishments of NGOs and INGOs like IUCN, WWF, and others.

Satuwa Herb is Asian types of plant which is started in China and India for the most part known as Indochina beginning. The Satuwa plant resembles a blossom that tosses out long yellow-green petals amid summer and fall. The Satwa herb is considered as business herb or exchanged herb which is one of the uncommon plant species because of deforestation. This herb is collected in the month of October before it terminates by the area individuals. For the most part, there is an expression that the plant collected on Tuesdays of the center of April is considered as a talented herb in contrast with others. Satuwa has been utilized by Nepali local people since days of yore and this is one of the customary therapeutic herbs utilized by individuals of Nepal. This herb is for the most part utilized for fevers, cerebral pains, blazes, wounds and veterinary reason to kill harms.


Satuwa Nursery Minimum order and the cost.

Minimum order quantity :

2 years old plant

Minimum order 5,000/Rs 30 per plant.

Minimum order 10,000/ Rs 25 per plant.

Minimum order 20,000/ Rs 22 per plant.

3 years old plant:

Minimum order 5,000/Rs 70 per plant.

Minimum order 10,000/ Rs 60 per plant.

Minimum order above 20,000/Rs 55 per plant.

Transport cost extra 10,000/per order all over Nepal.

Note: We provide free training about the plantation at free of cost once a year.