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The Avocado fruit is generally called as alligator pear which is similar to regular pear fruit or a large berry that contains a single seed inside it. The plant of avocado belongs to the class of flowering plant family of cinnamon and camphor which turns in to tree in is full adult form. The avocado is a native plant of Mexico and Central America. The avocado is considered as a cash crop which has a demanding commercial value. The avocado is cultivated in a Mediterranean climate and tropical climate throughout the world. The fruit of avocado looks like a pear-shaped fruit that has green skin with a plump body. The avocado is a domesticated farming plant but avocado has the specialty of partially self-pollinating and often propagated from implanting of seeds in the land.

Avocado is considered as the food of higher fat content of monounsaturated generally the alternative to dairy products, meat, and fish products. The avocado is a vegetarian food that is full of fat and replacement of non-vegetarian items. The taste of avocado is subtly flavored with a smooth taste. The avocado is vegetarian cuisine generally used as the substitute for meats in sandwiches, salads and other foods to fulfill the need of fat. A general fruit of avocado is rich in vitamin B, vitamin K, vitamin C, vitamin E and potassium along with fat agents like Phytosterols and Carotenoids similar to Lutein and Zeaxanthin.

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