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Aloe-vera is a juicy plant that has both liquid and solid substance in its body in the equal margin. Aloe-vera developed in a tropical wild atmosphere which has the beneficial therapeutic qualities. Beside that Aloe-vera is now being domesticated as ornamental plants in the garden and are used as indoor plants too that is grown in a vase. The most beneficial feature of Aloe-vera is its impressive healing and therapeutic quality. In appearance, Aloe-Vera is a short stem branchless juicy plant that is 100 cm high. The body of aloe-vera are thick and they are generally green or dark green in color.

Aloe-vera is now being grown domestically with the species that are considered as healing plant or medicinal herb. The juicy body of Aloe-vera helps it to sustain in case of less water supply. Aloe vera can also be found in the semi-desert region and semi Himalayan region where there is very little water supply. Aloe-vera is a plant with a high growth rate and living rate even in rough care circumstances and rough natural conditions. In wild nature, Aloe-vera is also found in rocky foundations show its capacity to survive in hard surfaces. Aloe-vera is also called as a desert plant. Today Aloe-vera is found in all major countries of the world and has gained the Royal Horticultural Society’s Award of Garden Merit.