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Alaichi (Cardamom)

Price: $18 per kg

Cardamom, The Alainchi is called as cardamom or the black pods in English which is a native Himalayan dry fruit of ginger family. This herb of Alainchi is used as food species in Nepal, India and other countries of South East Asia. This herb enhances and increases the taste of food without intensifying the dish. The Alainchi spices are uses in Nepali Garam Masala spice and are used in meat curry, rice dishes and pickles. The Alainchi herbs are used as medicine for teeth, gums and bad breath. The general surface looks of Alainchi pod is oval shaped, dark brown color, touch and leathery body with deep wrinkles. A single Alainchi pod contains the numbers of moist brown seeds that are sticky and flavored with the smell of natural pleasant aroma. This herb is used for wide variety of medicines of Ayurvedic and Allopathic sectors.