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  • Initiate and promote commercialization of high-value cash crops and medicinal herbs cultivating an extensive amount of lands to obtain the financial goal of the company.
  • Inspire locals to cultivate high-value cash crops altering the subsistence-based agriculture system for higher economic gain.
  • Cultivate the barren open lands of high Himalayan and hilly regions of Nepal to create business and employment opportunity for local people.
  • Protect land erosion, soil degradation and air pollution permitting chemical and pesticides free farming and forestation.
  • Allow organic agriculture practices using locally available farmyard and green manure.
  • Provide social security to local people offering them multiple opportunities such as; employment, business, health care, quality education for the kids and workers/ farmers involved in the ventures.
  • Supply residue-free/fresh products to consumers through specialty organic products, Organic supplies under Fair Trade principle.

The core objective of this company is to create agro-based business and employment opportunity to enhance the quality of life for people either in the town or in the remote villages of Nepal. Each and every agriculture-based activities embracing socially equitable/just, economically viable and environmentally bearable/protected. And ultimately build a prosperous society through the sustainable economic development plan for the people in the Himalayan and hilly regions of Nepal.

Product Base objectives:

  • Agriculture and Horticulture: Totally organic based Cereal crops, Cash crops, herbals, foods and beverages; fruits, vegetables, spices, tea, coffee, cardamom, milk, butter etc.
  • Live Stock Farming; Cow, Buffalo, Pig, Goat, Chicken, Fish etc.
  • Collection, purification, modification, and trading own products or products collected from other companies, individuals and groups.

Service Base objectives:

  • Skills exchange program among concerned sectors such as locals, government, private sectors, NGO/INGO, and specialists.
  • Involving in the social awareness campaign against negative impacts of pesticides and chemical fertilizer, environmental degradation. Organize Seminar, meetings, workshop locally, nationally/internationally. Broadcast or telecast the advertisement for social awareness.
  • Incorporate people from particular regions to promote the agro-tourism where it is feasible.
  • Moreover, this Himalayan Alpine Herbal and Agriculture Farm (P) Ltd would initiate some particular vocational or personality development training program for socially, educationally and economically strengthening the disadvantaged people and societies.

Facilitate to establish and promote cooperative funds in the societies hence encourage people to habituate for regular savings to eliminate economic challenges in the future


Vision: Commercialization of agro-based high-value products is the better alternative for sustainable economic development goal to people of hills and mountains in Nepal.