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Event for youth and economic sustainability

Event for youth empower ment

Relieve and Revival Event for Youth Empowerment and economic Sustainability .
Nepal is regarded as one of the world’s prominent adventure tourism destinations because of its magnificent jewel set of majestic high mountains. In addition to that, cultural and natural (historical sites and wildlife) tours are common.
Besides that, medical tourism, wellness tourism and even welfare tourism: such as health camp tour, mental and physical healing camps through meditation, yoga, food therapy, and volunteer tourism are newly emerging tourism phenomena in Nepal. Significantly, the Adventure tourism that we are considering here comprises the types of tourism that can enable and strengthen the physical and mental state of the youth population.
CoronaVirus disease (Covid-19), the ongoing pandemic traumatically affected the common lives in the world. The mobility of people suddenly halted and gradually the economic ventures became paralyzed worldwide. High class people lost the revenue from their regular business and middle class people lost their business, but the working class people lost even the source of their mainstay and that is the most tragic circumstances. In Nepal, a number of skilled and unskilled population mostly from the Hill and Mountain regions have been involved in tourism, because there is no option to get alternative employment and business opportunities. Most of the young people from hilly and mountain regions in Nepal are involved particularly in adventure tourism, because of the physical fitness they deserve naturally for high mountain activities.
Because of the pandemic, tourism has been severely affected worldwide including Nepal, swept away the regular employment opportunity and stopped the earning from tourism. Unemployment displaced the large number of population back to rural villages from where they migrated to the cities for better education to their children decades back. Those families who have been employed in tourism are directly victimized even if they are obligated to displace their residence from city to remote village, scarifying the entire future dream plan and Childs’ better education access at once.
Most of the young energetic people from the mountain and hilly regions have been involved in adventure tourism keeping legacy alive for generations. Therefore now those people, who represent the working class group in adventure tourism are facing the difficult circumstances for their regular life under uncertainty of future. Because the Covid-19 pandemic dismissed their tourism based employment opportunities and even lost their hopes in terms of earning, employment opportunity, and better education for their children. These are the most important factors that can gradually paralyze the communities in the mountains and hills of Nepal if some relief and revival initiatives are not launched soon.
Regarding those emerging issues; Himalayan Alpine Herbal and Agriculture Farm are organising the adventure based campaign particularly mountain expeditions on Mt Bsruntse 7,126. m for the Relieve and Revival Event for Youth Empowerment and Economic Sustainability in Nepal. We are incorporating those professionals who are theoretically and practically trained and experienced for high mountain expeditions with authorized certificates and successful summit recognition letters. Along with those experienced individuals, a number of skilled and unskilled human resources will be benefited for employment opportunities and professional skill training practically from the field. We will make all those participants well understood and acknowledged about future circumstances and upcoming challenges for whole lives on the earth regarding climate change and global warming. We make them highly conscious and responsible towards our incomparable treasure, the natural environment which has no alternative option at all.
Our main objective is to make all young generations to be prepared mentally and physically for revival, reconstruction and rebuilding of those declining economic conditions that degrade both the social and natural environment around us and spread out worldwide. Those people can well acknowledge whose lives are directly attached with adventure tourism about the worsening environmental condition because of the negative impact caused by climate change and global warming, because that can be well observed in the high mountains and glaciers.
Our ultimate goal is to establish an organizations which will continue the campaign for years in the future involving the promotion of adventure tourism to create better alternatives for employment and economic sustainability for all working group families from the mountains and hills. A cooperative financial institution will be soon established to accumulate the small portion of money from all participants members to create a countable sized fund to promote sustainable investment. Through the cooperative all interested and like minded individuals, groups of people along with companies, organizations will be incorporated and participate in the environment conservation initiative and sustainable economic development scheme.
Our campaign particularly focuses on ventures: Mountaineering, Trekking/Tour within the natural and cultural sites, seminars and events based on social and natural environment revival and conservation projects. Social and economic empowerment ventures will be organized on a regular basis to strengthen the capability of young and all female citizens in the society.
Mountaineering training (theoretical and practical) for all interested individuals, education based training for socio economic and environmental awareness will be operated on a regular basis. Various events such as sports, athletics, musical and literary events will be organized to make it well acknowledged to all the general public about the importance of social and natural environment conservation. The major and rapid venture will be plantation and afforestation mostly in the hills and mountains to repair the degraded natural environment and balance the greenhouse gas emission.
Event organizer : Himalayan Aline Herbal and Agriculture Farm.October 15th / november 15th 2022.