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Environmental Sustainability

Environmental sustainability, in short, means the management of land, atmosphere, water resources, flora Eco-system, fauna Eco-systems, and freshwater systems.  Environmental sustainability is an important factor to consider in today’s modern day’s civilization where nature and environment are corrupting and demolishing day by day. Himalayan Alpine Herbal and Agriculture Farm uses the environmental sustainability methods of keeping harmony with nature and surrounding by following the Eco-friendly activities, Eco-friendly products, Eco-friendly behavior, and Eco-friendly social system.  The term sustainability refers to long-lasting existence keeping harmony with surrounding you. The term Environmental sustainability refers to the long-lasting existence of true nature and environment keeping harmony with floral and faunas existence.

There are several practices used by Himalayan Alpine Herbal and Agriculture Farm for  Environmental sustainability

  • For regenerating resources the rate of harvesting should not exceed the rate of regeneration which is generally known as sustainable yielding practice
  • The amount of wastage generation should not exceed the adapting capacity of the environment which is generally known as sustainable wastage disposal practice
  • The amount of regenerating resources should replace the non-renewable resources