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Economic Sustainability

The Economic Sustainability gives the meaning as the capacity to support economic production and livelihood for the long-term period. Himalayan Alpine Herbal and Agriculture Farm uses the latest economic sustainability strategy for economic production that leads to an accountable and favorable economic condition for a longer period of time. Sustainable Economic Growth refers to economic development activities that operate to fulfill the human needs keeping harmony with nature and conserve it for future generations.  The Economic Sustainability is directly related to environmental degradation as the indicator of economic sustainability rises up and goes down depending upon the environment.

Some of the controversial environmental degradation that Himalayan Alpine Herbal and Agriculture Farm is working towards for better Economic Sustainability is:

  • The permanent changes in the landscape and demolishing of natural resources along with the surrounding environment are done due to growing hunger for economic development of human civilization.
  • The most of harm in nature is not caused by those who are involved in economic activities but by those who are not involved in economic activities but they obtain benefit from it. The general example is pollution as the producers are not paying for the pollution they made but they are polluting the society for free. It is the duty of pollution creator to correct this mistake otherwise such economic activities shouldn’t be allowed to run.
  • The today’s human civilization has forgotten that they live in an eco-system and they can live without the ecosystem but still they are destroying their eco-system for the mere lure of economic advancements.