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The Himalayan Alpine Herbal and Agriculture Farm Private Limited Company is one of the leading agricultural products companies of Nepal. We promptly envisioned that; potentially the consistent way out for sustainable economic development in the hills and mountains of Nepal is the commercialization of high-value cash crops, medicinal herbs, and livestock farming. Lack of higher education, more than 90 percent of young people in the rural villages of Nepal have been living without a consistent employment opportunity, which circumstances have been occurring for centuries from generation to generation.
People have been blessed to possessing a hundred hectors of land since centuries but getting no more worth whereas they must be potentially more benefited. They have no more choice except being patient and waiting for the better opportunity for economic development initiative on their own. The Himalayan Alpine Herbal and Agriculture Farm is going to initiate the commercialization of high-value cash crops and medicinal herbs cultivating barren lands and open pasture with livestock farming for sustainable economic development in hills and mountains of Nepal. Along with the business and employment opportunity, the company is going to promote the community/village and agro-tourism in the future to those same areas as well.

The emerging challenge for a company is the efficiency enhancement in investment and human resource management, which is one of the most significant components to determine the remarkable amount of products the business scale. Therefore, the initial investment requires a significant amount to bring a remarkable success fulfilling the commercial goal of a company. And hopefully, the contribution in socio-economic development for those underprivileged societies in the mountains and hills will be well regarded.

Recently the company has three different project sites a newly launching including two ongoing projects. And the company has already promoted a significant amount of investment for ongoing projects. Altogether 12,100,000.00 in words (Twelve million and one hundred thousand rupees spent to buy land in Kathmandu and Bhojour including 15200 planted cardamoms at Ahale Bhojpur. And the most expected project of SATUWA cultivation is launching at MAMERKU Solukhumbu within own land expanded in 6690 Square meter area potentially in a huge amount of investment.