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Key Person of the company

Founder of Himalayan Alpine Herbal and Agriculture Farm

key person of Himalayan Alpine Herba
  Tshering Dorji Sherpa

The Himalayan Alpine Herbal and Agriculture Farm is a leading high-value medicinal herb and livestock farming agricultural company founded by the local agricultural entrepreneur Mr. Tshering Dorji Sherpa in 2015. he is one of the young energetic leading tourism individual of Nepal mostly experienced in Mountaineering expedition and Trekking. Besides that, he has been involving in social welfare ventures incorporating people for promoting educational and economic well-being initiative. During the social welfare ventures, Mr. Sherpa worked with the different individual from several households in the remote villages of the Himalayan region of Nepal. While working with village people throughout those underprivileged societies he has fortunately generated a new idea for the sustainable economic development of those poor families promoting agro-based business enterprises in their own village to create effortless accessibility of business along with employment opportunities locally. This agro product based business organization the Himalaya Alpine Herbal and Agriculture Farm private limited company is the result of Mr. Sherpa’s genuine perspective of work experience. Because Mr. Sherpa has immediately determined to establish an agro-based company to provide in hand opportunity of agro-based business enterprises to the village people in the remote Himalayan and Hilly region of Nepal who have unknowingly restrained their life under glimpse of potentially golden opportunities. Because of his outstanding vision, Mr. Tshering Dorji sherpa is founder and CEO of the company. He is the key to promote entire financial investment either initiate new project or retaining ongoing projects. And under his supervision, there are a number of executives and personnel appointed to operate the regular office works.

Staffs of the Company

Mr. Maila Tamang  (Manager):

Maila Tamang
Mr. Maila Tamang

Mr. Tamang is the head of personnel executive; the assigned responsibilities to him are as follows:

  • To conduct motivation and orientation while necessary
  • To conduct staff meetings and board meetings
  • To represent seminars, meetings and other campaigns organized by the government, INGO /NGOs and other related groups and organizations.parties, Social activists and like-minded companies, groups and other entities. 
  • To facilitate implementation of company policies in the market and public world
  • To facilitate for all legal and professional documentations preparation
  • To administer all the principle guidelines and plan policies in appropriate time
  • To conduct observation and evaluation procedure while necessary
  • To establish proper communication among all and create work friendly environment


Pem Tenji  SHERPA

Mamerku manager
Pem Tenji Sherpa

Branch Manager of Solukhumbu province no: 1 and  the assigned responsibility to him are as follows :

  • To carry out the regular official works related to Solukhumbu Branch office.
  • To administer the company policies and plans within the project site.
  • To prepare the plan and policies related to Solukhumbu Branch based on SATUWA, Kiwi, Avocado  cultivation and Yak farm.
  • To manage local resources including human resources.
  • To keep favorable relationship with local authorities, businessmen, I/NGOs, social activists’ and political parties.
  • To prepare all the financial statements under accounting principle of the Solu branch office
  • To deal with regional Government tax office.



 MRS. Sangye Dolma Lama

Sangye Dolma Lama

Secretary of central office, and assigned responsibility are as below.

  • To prepare managerial plan and policies
  • To prepare business and investment plans
  • To create market and price policy through branding and advertisement
  • To create and amendment internal management system tools and strategies
  • To establish and expand new business links
  • To keep professional relationships with business organizations (Dealers, Wholesalers and Retailers) 
  • To Keep favorable relationships with national and local authorities, INGO/NGO Nepal Government.



Man Bahadur RAI (Supervisor, Solu Branch): The assigned responsibilities to him are

Man Bahadur Rai

as follows:

  • To facilitate farm workers for better working environment in the field. 
  • To manage all the necessary tools and equipment during the working period.
  • To keep farm workers always enthusiastic towards the job. 
  • To keep farm workers always sincere for appropriateness.
  • To keep timetable accurate during the job time.
  • To take care of every individual farm workers with their own and family interests and problems.
  • To prepare  all progress reports and present in the board meeting
  • To recommend the necessary amendments of applied plan and policies suitability
  • To conduct everyday activities on time
  • To keep regular evaluation reports of farm workers based on team recommendation merits.
  • Report about the recent problems that to be immediately solved to the managerial section 
// Script by Sarmad Gardezi