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Support To the Farmer

Himalayan Alpine Herbal and Agriculture Farm is an leading agriculture company of Nepal established and run by the long years experienced local agriculture entrepreneur of Nepal based on high value cash crops and livestock farming.

  • The core objectives of this company is to create agro based business and employment opportunities to enhance the quality life for people either in the town or in the remote villages of Nepal. Each and every agriculture based activities embrace socially equitable economically viable and environmentally bearable.And ultimately build a prosperous society through the sustainable economic development plan for the people in Nepal providing social security to local people offering them multiple opportunities such as employment, business, health care, quality education for the kids and worker / farmers involved in the venture.

How to support a Farmer in remote villages ?

  • Donating on our ongoing various agricultural project site in remote Himalayan villages.
  • Providing agricultural equipment, seeds plants.Sending agriculture volunteering .
  • Participation or fund raising women empowerment programs.
  • Providing Educational materials school dress.
  • Participating and organizing the trek /tour with Himalayan Alpine Herbal and Agriculture Farm to promote agro-  tourism .
  • Buying the handicraft prepared by local women group and promoting its business/marketing in yours country/city which supports us directly to our women empowerment program organized by Himalayan Alpine Herbal and Agriculture Farm in the remote hill and Himalayan villages of Nepal.

Our current ongoing agriculture project and project sites are as bellows:

Short term seasonal project.

  • Vegetable farming nearby Kathmandu valley at Katike village.
  • Potatoes, Soybean farm in Chheskam 2 Mamerku solukhumbu Nepal.
  • Agriculture Building construction at Mamerku Solukhumbu.

Long term Projects:

  • Avocado, Kivi and cardamom farm at Katike in Kathmandu district.
  • Tourist Home Stay building construction in Mamerku
  • Cow farm at Katike Kathmandu.
  • Chicken farm at Katike Kathmandu.
  • Satuwa ( Paris Add to dictionary) production and research center at Mamerku Solukhumbu.